What’s with the New Facebook Page changes?

Is there anything useful I should know about?

Have you noticed things look a bit different on your Facebook Business Page? Facebook has recently made some tweaks to the layout and while they state that there are no actions that you need to take. I beg to differ. Change brings an opportunity to review and check that all is still going as you originally intended. More importantly are there any new features available that you need to take advantage of before your competition?

But first what are those cosmetic changes?

  1. Cover Photo

The biggest thing you’ll notice is the layout now has your profile picture and name to the side of your Cover photo. I really like this look as it gives the page a much cleaner and uncluttered look. However it also means that for those of us that created the cover page graphics around where the profile picture and page title used to be our graphic might be a bit out of balance. So check that your graphics still look balanced, if not consider an
update. In fact when was the last time you changed your cover photo? Maybe it’s time for an update anyway…?

  1. Call to Action Button

I love this new feature! These are now bigger and much more noticeable. Out of all the options my favourite by far is the Call Now button.

Why send your prospects to your website and then get them to call you? Most people use the Call Now button on their smart phones to call businesses directly from their Facebook app. Make it easier for your leads to reach you and change your button today.

  1. Menu’s, Tabs and other minor Layout Changes

The menu tabs that used were across the top are now on the left hand side. The boxes that were on the left are now on the right. While it takes a bit of getting used to finding your usual things, like how many new Likes you’ve got this week or the link to update your About details, it doesn’t take long to get used to it. I think it’s pretty intuitive and feels more like a website page.

Behind the scenes

But what about the changes that aren’t cosmetic? Are you wondering if there are any useful new tricks Facebook has provided?

Yes! They certainly have delivered on that front too.

Updates to Custom Audiences

You can now base your custom audience for ads based on how much time they have spent on your website. Imagine being able to show a lead a specific ad on Facebook to encourage them to go back and complete a purchase they abandoned a few days ago! The possibilities are endless.

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