Top 10 Reasons you need a Social Media Plan

I’m a firm believer that everything needs a good plan. In fact even a bad plan is better than no plan. Almost everything that I do professionally and personally usually has a plan of some sort. Sometimes it just a list, a mind map or random thoughts jotted down but these create seeds that get planted in my mind and for the next few days or weeks I keep thinking about it and refine it until it bears fruit and I achieve it.

When it comes to social media it is no different. With so much information online now days your message needs to be clear and unmistakable. To cut through the sheer volume of posts you need a plan. Otherwise you stand the risk of your posts and messages being hit and miss.

So here are my top 10 reasons for having a plan for your social media:

  1. Provides Direction

Without a doubt my number one reason is that a plan provides direction and helps with your decisions of what to post.  One of the key drivers for success on any social media platform is a consistent message that strengthens your brand, connects with your audience and is aligned to your business strategy. Related posts that have an underlying goal can help establish your brand, build credibility and engage your audience to be loyal customers.

  1. Focuses on why

A good plan that differentiates not just what your business is about but why you are in this business is central for a fruitful social media following. People relate easier to those they identify with so having a plan that highlights your strengths, values and you’re your weaknesses, make your posts more relatable and will have a direct influence on your audience engagement and return on your social media investment of time and money.

  1. Prioritises

Your social media marketing plan will help your to prioritise your activity. So often it is easier to jump on the band wagon and share or post something that is trending or the buzz of the moment. If you do you stand the risk of going down a path you never intended and while you may get lots of activity it may not be of any benefit to achieving your goals and at the end of the day a waste of time and energy. Social media is fickle, tomorrow there will be a new trend and another rabbit hole to dive into. Unless the latest trend is aligned with your strategy you’re best to prioritize something else to post.

  1. Makes it happen

If you can articulate your plan you can share it. If you share your plan with the people your work with they will know what you are trying to accomplish and will work with you to achieve it. It is always easier to work with your team when everyone is on the same page.  Even if you are a one man Owner/ Operator sharing your social media plan with your support network will help drive ideas and hold you accountable to making it happen.

  1. Identifies opportunities

One of the things I love most about writing down a plan is that once you start the flood gates open and so many more ideas and opportunities come to mind. The process of writing down a plan also involves taking the time to unleash your creative side. You can explore radical ideas and new concepts and make a note of them. Some may be practical to develop on now and some may be parked for longer term strategies. Either way you’ll have a record of some pretty amazing ideas you may never have thought of before.

  1. Provides structure

Once you have developed some core ideas and opportunities that you want to pursue a plan will help you work out how you are going to implement them.  You can develop an easy approach to manage how you go about bringing your marketing ideas to fruition. This takes away the stress of staring at a blank screen and wondering how on earth you are going to do it. A plan lets you figure out ahead of time how you can deliver your key messages.

  1. Clarifies Goals

What is a plan without goals? There is something about writing down your goals that makes you really think about what they are and this cements them. Studies show that those who wrote their goals accomplished significantly more than those who did not write their goals. An even better way to clarify your goals in your plan is to make sure that they are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

  1. Measures your progress

Tracking your progress against your plan is vital to ensure that you are moving in the right direction and if your activity is getting the results you expected. Often the jump from paper to real life needs a few tweaks to get it right. By regularly measuring your progress and analysing the results you can make necessary adjustments in time to reap the benefits sooner and leverage your social media activity to drive your follower engagements and increase leads.

  1. Talks to your Customers

There are 2 typical types of posts – those that deliver a message to your audience and those that inspire a conversation. It’s the second type that every business on social media aspires to. Having a social media marketing plan makes it more likely that you will engage your audience in a two-way conversation that builds your brand, grows loyalty and turns your followers into customers.

  1. Saves time

One of the most overlooked benefits of having a social media marketing plan is the time you will save in the long run. Yes, you will need to invest substantial amount of time when you develop your plan but once you have you will be able to save so much more time. You can create templates, investigate the ROI of automation tools and work out when is the best time to develop your marketing content so that it doesn’t interfere with your other key operational activities.


There is a lot that goes into a Social Media Making Strategy but the rewards far outweigh the effort. If the thought of putting a strategy for your business is too much, we can help. BizSprout Consulting works with you to develop a tailor-made strategy just right for your business.

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