A New Way of Learning

Every business owner knows the value of continually learning to keep ahead of the pack and remain competitive but few have the time to invest in themselves on an ongoing basis. It’s like exercising; we all know the more we exercise the fitter we’d be and therefore be healthier, but there never seems to be[…]

What’s with the New Facebook Page changes?

Is there anything useful I should know about? Have you noticed things look a bit different on your Facebook Business Page? Facebook has recently made some tweaks to the layout and while they state that there are no actions that you need to take. I beg to differ. Change brings an opportunity to review and check[…]

It all Starts with a Plan

It’s one thing knowing what to with social media, there are a lot out there and many tricks and traps to learn. There is more to just having a profile and posting content that makes social media an effective tool to grow your business. You need a strategy, plan, blueprint… something that articulates what you want[…]

Top 10 Reasons you need a Social Media Plan

I’m a firm believer that everything needs a good plan. In fact even a bad plan is better than no plan. Almost everything that I do professionally and personally usually has a plan of some sort. Sometimes it just a list, a mind map or random thoughts jotted down but these create seeds that get[…]