A New Way of Learning

Every business owner knows the value of continually learning to keep ahead of the pack and remain competitive but few have the time to invest in themselves on an ongoing basis. It’s like exercising; we all know the more we exercise the fitter we’d be and therefore be healthier, but there never seems to be enough time.

When it comes to digital technology training it never seems to end, there is always something new to learn and it’s always changing.

One of the biggest gripes I hear about training, especially technology training, is that not only does it take up a huge chunk of time but you them have to go back to the office and spend more time implementing what you’ve just learnt. Or when you start putting it into practice you have forgotten the finer details and have to spend more time checking your notes and the workbook to see what to do next.

What if there was a better way?

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

~ Benjamin Franklin

What if you could…

  • Do, rather than just be told?
  • Be guided as you complete a task for the first time?
  • Only focus on what’s relevant to you and your business?
  • Create usable material during the training?
  • Invest in growing your business and your skills at the same time?

I’m passionate about sharing knowledge especially when it helps someone accomplish what they set out to do. I have coached many small business owners on how to use social media and I’ve found the best way to learn is to actually do it.

So I’ve developed a series of practical workshops designed to focus on one part of the training at a time. During these 90 minute workshops, attendees will work on their own social media profile while I guide them through the steps. Each workshop will have a specific outcome or task that we will be creating together. You can choose which workshop is relevant to you and your business or attend them all for comprehensive training on all aspects of social media for small business

Here are some of the modules we’ll be covering and what you will create during the workshop

Module Outcome

14 Nov

8:00 for 8:30am

Setting up/ optimising your Facebook Page A great looking Facebook Page and all the details set up so customers can find you

21 Nov

8:00 for 8:30am

Setting up/ optimising your Instagram profile A great looking Instagram profile and all the details set up so customers can see your products

28 Nov

8:00 for 8:30am

Setting up/ optimising your Google+ & YouTube profiles A great looking Google+ Page and all the details set up so SEO rankings improve

5 Dec

8:00 for 8:30am

Setting up/ optimising your LinkedIn profile A great looking LinkedIn profile and all the details set up so customers can learn more about you

12 Dec

8:00 for 8:30am

Creating a Social Media strategy A comprehensive plan identifying your goals and how you can accomplish them

19 Dec

8:00 for 8:30am

How to come up with an abundant supply of post ideas A list of post ideas, the plan of when you will post them and they technique to keep adding to it
 TBC – Jan 2017 Creating professional looking posts without being a graphic designer At least one great looking post and the tools to easily create many more
 TBC How to set up Facebook Ads that are targeted to my audience A Facebook Ads campaign set up and ready to go, with a reusable target audience ad set tailored for your business
 TBC Tools to make managing my social media easier Accounts set up on popular social media management tools
 TBC How to convert Followers into Sales Techniques put into action to direct customers to your website to convert to sales
 TBC How to expand my social network organically More Likes, Followers and Shares… need I say more?
 TBC How to separate my personal profile and posts from my business network Setup a straightforward and easy to manage way to keep your personal posts private and maximise publicly your business posts.

… and more.

We’ll be adding to this list so if there is anything you’re interested in learning but is not outlined here let me know

The workshops will be initially held in the Redlands area, but I’ll explore other locations too.

For information on when the workshops are and to book, please see our Events page

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